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LeBaron Bonney Company has over 50 years' experience producing award-winning auto interiors for antique and custom restorations. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing kits that a trim shop or individual can use to easily install the new interior. With over 100,000 interior kits sold, we take pride in creating the best-fitting interiors, made from the highest-quality materials.
It all started in late 1938 when Lee Atherton and his brother Jack opened a bicycle rental business near their family's summer home on Cape Cod Massachusetts. They named their venture the “LeBaron Bonney Company”. As the years progressed, LeBaron Bonney evolved from renting bicycles into several direct mail businesses offering a selection of historic & decorative maps and later reproduction model sailing vessels and hand crafted accessories. After the war LeBaron Bonney also produced new upholstered furniture and provided re-upholstery service for the family furniture business.
If there is a point in time when Lebaron Bonney took a new direction ultimately leading them into the antique auto upholstery field and changed forever the small upholstery shop, it was in 1959 when Lee Atherton purchased a 1930 Model A Deluxe Roadster to restore as a project with his son Barry. Lee enjoyed doing the mechanical part of the restoration and found a local body shop to do the body work and painting. However, when the car reached the upholstery stage he found there was no easy solution to this important part of his restoration... and when some of the old time trimmers from the LeBaron Bonney furniture shop suggested they could duplicate the original interior and top... Lee jumped at the opportunity.
They succeeded so well that at upcoming meets that Lee attended, other Ford owners praised the work done and wondered if he could have their cars done!
From this experience Lee Atherton saw a potential for new business for LeBaron Bonney. He envisioned a line of pre-fabricated interior upholstery "Kits" that would closely match the originals in materials and workmanship... thus enabling the average old car hobbist, like himself, to complete their restoration projects in a professional manner at reasonable costs. What made this idea even more exciting was that these kits could be shipped worldwide thus opening up a vast market. A small advertisement in Hemmings Motor News started a flow of business that continues to this day, with over 500 inquiries a month on Fords alone.
By the mid 60's LeBaron Bonney had outgrown its space in the old furniture upholstery shop. New models were being added as fast as time allowed and interest in these “Kits” was really snowballing! In 1965 the company purchased a 14,000 sq. ft. facility in Amesbury, Massachusetts. While it seemed more than enough space at the time they were soon forced to build an adjoining 7000 sq. ft. building followed by the purchase of the adjoining 29,000 sq. ft. Biddle and Smart Building.
This building was originally a part of the Biddle and Smart Co. body plant where carriages were manufactured from 1870 to the early 1900's... then auto bodies for many of the famous automobile manufacturers of that day. Although auto bodies are no longer produced here, the feeling still lingers about the town where occasional sign boards may be seen on some of the old buildings.
In 1995 LeBaron Bonney continued its expansion into the Antique Auto Upholstery field with the purchase of Hampton Coach, producer of interior restoration kits for vintage General Motors vehicles, primarily Chevrolet and Buick (1916-1955). In addition to bringing over a skilled work force to LeBaron Bonney, the acquisition included over 400 patterns for interiors and tops covering Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and LaSalle cars and trucks. The further acquisitions of ABC Auto Interiors and EZ Boy Auto Interiors/Autocraft Interiors helped round out the line of kits to include custom kits for makes and models from the 1920s to the present.
Today, our antique line of interior products fit over 800 vehicles from 1916 to 1962. This line is world-renowned as the finest in the industry, and many vehicles sold at auction have increased value when restored with a LeBaron Bonney Interior.
We work directly with many mills to source materials that most closely match those found in a particular vehicle when it came off the assembly line. Our materials are also sold by the yard. Our custom line of interior products fit thousands of vehicles from the early 1920s to the present. Positioned to be very cost-effective alternative, these interior kits include deluxe or premium seat covers, panel covering, carpets and headliners, and allow the restorer to customize all aspects of the vehicle's interior.
All patterns to these interiors are created from the original vehicle, and stored in our electronic database. All interiors are made to order by our highly-trained staff of 35 at our Amesbury, Massachusetts plant. Many of our 35 employees have been with the company over 30 years.
To provide full service to our customers, we also carry a full line of antique auto parts and accessories for Ford and General Motors vehicles from 1916-1962.
Installation Options: We realize installing an interior in your vehicle can be a bit daunting, so we include installation instructions as well as offer “How-To” videos on our web site. We also have a large list of qualified Authorized Installers to assist with your installation. Contact one today to discuss your needs.
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