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Seat Covers
Fit. Style. Price.   Simple and EZ!

EZ Boy Seat Covers are created from factory original seat covers and seat springs to ensure the best fit possible and they're tailored to fit your vehicle as well as more than 6000 others.

Seat Covers are available in a variety of design styles and 100's of material options, making it easy and affordable to upgrade or replace your vehicle's tired old interior and achieve the look you want.

Your made-to-order seat covers are ready-to-install and come with everything you need to achieve professional results without the added cost.
Seat Covers   Seat Covers   Seat Covers
All Seat Covers are Made-to-Order, Tailored-to-Fit and Ready-to-Install!
Deluxe Seat Covers   Premium Seat Covers
Available in NINE great stitch styles
Choose any material combination
Install directly over your existing seat covers
Easily secure with hog rings
Includes hog rings, pliers and instructions
Starting at just $320 per bench or bucket pair
Matching Door Panel Covering Available!
Available in EIGHT unique stitch styles
Choose any material combination
Original stock materials available for many Makes & Models – Please Inquire.
Seat cover faces are foam-backed and top-stitched in your choice of pleat width
Install directly over your prepared springs
Easily secured with hog rings
Includes hog rings, pliers and instructions
Starting at just $699 per bench or bucket pair
Matching Door Panel Covering Available!
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