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EZ Boy Interiors
Premium Seat Cover products are available for the following years, makes and models.
Please call 800-221-5408 (Canada and International 1-978-388-3811) for availability of your specific make and model or check online:
Premium Seat Covers:
Click Here.
AMC 1969-87
Acura 1986-2003
Audi 1973-88
BMW 1967-2003
Buick 1936-2009
Cadillac 1935-2009
Capri 1971-77
Checker Cab 1967-79
Chevrolet 1935-2009
Chrysler 1937-2009
Citreon 1957-72
Datsun 1966-83
DeSoto 1936-61
Dodge 1930-2009
Eagle 1988-98
Edsel 1958-60
Fiat 1958–1982
Ford 1928-2009
Geo 1989-95
Honda 1973-2009
Hudson 1936-57
Hyundai 1986-2009
Imperial 1950-75
Jaguar 1952-2002
Kaiser 1942-54
LaSalle 1936-40
Lincoln 1939-2009
Mazda 1970-2009
Mercedes 1955-2003
Mercury 1939-2009
MG 1956-80
Mitsubishi 1983-2009
Nash 1936-57
Nissan 1982-2009
Oldsmobile 1936-2004
Opel 1967-79
Packard 1936-58
Peugeot 1957-91
Plymouth 1930-2009
Pontiac 1936-2009
Porsche 1966-2004
Rambler 1958-69
Renault 1958-86
Saab 1957-2002
Studebaker 1937-66
Subaru 1971-2009
Toyota 1965-2009
Triumph 1957-81
Volkswagen 1953-2009
Volvo 1957-2004
Willys 1942-71
Chevy 1936-2009
Datsun 1965-84
Dodge 1946-2009
Ford 1930-2009
GMC 1941-2009
International 1948-2001
Isuzu 1981-2009
Jeep 1948-2009
Mazda 1972-2009
Mitsubishi 1983-2009
Nissan 1985-2009
Plymouth 1974-2009
Subaru 1978-2009
Suzuki 1986-2009
Toyota 1970-2009
Volkswagen 1980-2009
Willys 1942-71
EZ Boy Interiors Premium Covers come with foamed faces and are custom made to order from original patterns for a great fit.
If you are restoring your car back to its original glory and are interested in purchasing original style cover and upholstery products, please call us at 800-221-5408 to learn more about our restoration products or click here to shop our Early Ford, GM and Plymouth restoration interior kits.
An easy to install, semi-permanent cover to dress up your vehicle's interior. Prices start at only $529 per bench seat or pair of bucket seats!
Available in EIGHT stitch styles. (see below)
Made to order and tailored to fit your specific year/make/model from our library of over 6000 original vehicle patterns.
Choose from a wide variety of material choices, including exclusive materials designed to match those used in specific vehicle eras.
Available in any material combination: You may pick any combination of materials for faces and borders. Piping matches material by default. You may also pick a contrasting piping color if desired.
Arrive ready to install with foam-back faces.
Remove your old seat covering and easily hog ring in place for a smooth, professional finish.
If you are repadding your seats, please see our Catalog for our seat padding kits!
Custom made by the same talented craftspeople who have been producing our award-winning auto interior kits for over half a century and backed by the same superior service that is the trademark of LeBaron Bonney.
See sample colors in our Catalog. Additional materials available from our warehouse of over 1200 materials; please inquire for pricing.
See our available seat styles in our Catalog:
Front Bucket, Front 50/50, Front Bench,
Front Seats with Single Armrest, Rear Seats
EZ Boy Custom Primium Seat Covers
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  • Serving antique and custom restoration enthusiasts worldwide
  • Celebrating fifty years of excellence
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